Claude Monet: The truth of nature

Years have passed yet Monet’s work remains close to the heart of art enthusiasts. The French painter Oscar Claude Monet is a legend in the art world. He not only rejected the traditional methods of painting but also founded the impressionism movement.

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For those who are not aware of impressionism, “it was a 19th-century art movement that brought focus on the accurate display of light using small and thin strokes. While the movement was harshly opposed by traditional painters of France, for the future generation it became a way to represent the crucial elements of nature. Like the positioning of light throughout the day, the color and patterns of water that alters with every wave.  The movement itself was named after one of the famous paintings of Monet called “Impression Soleil Levant”.

Most of Monet’s painting is inspired by nature. It is said that he wanted to document the beauty of countryside France and he succeeded doing it with his marvelous representation of nature. Even the house in which he lived was constructed with the idea of capturing the most of nature. So, he bought a home in Giverny and landscaped it most beautifully.

There was a man-made lily pond and the entire house was surrounded by colorful flowers, plants, and trees. It took 10-long years to create the entire landscape. One of his famous painting Nympheas was inspired by the lily ponds, we are talking about.

In his paintings, he had also included scenes from Normandy coast, Norway, and Netherlands. If you didn’t have the luck to witness one of his paintings, this is your chance. In the last two decades, it’s the first time Monet art will be available in the USA. The exhibition has been organized in our very own Denver Art Museum.

Monet’s Art Display at Denver Art Museum

The exhibition starts on 21st Oct 2019 and will be going on till 2nd Feb 2020. There will be a total display of 120 painting from Monet’s work. The exhibition is meant to capture Monet’s deep interest in the ever-changing surrounding. You can witness the astonishing effects of light, the reflective qualities of water, and much more in his art work.

His art journey included places like Normandy Coast, London, Norway, and Netherlands, where he made friends and learnt a lot about impressionism. The exhibition will focus on the shift of his painting when he started taking the same subjects again and again, like the Poplars, Haystacks, and water Lilies.  In his work, one can witness the intimacy that he developed with his subject during his work.

Some of the artworks to be displayed during the exhibition are View from Rouelles, which was his first-ever painting. The Water Lilies (inspired right from his home), to his very last painting House Seen through the Roses. The exhibition is co-organized by Angelica Daneo (DAM’s Chief Curator), Christoph Heinrich, Frederick (Mayer Director of the DAM) and Jan, and Museum Barberini Director Ortrud Westheider.

 How to get the tickets?

Monet’s fans are already excited about the exhibition and tickets are selling fast. Adults can get their ticket for just $27, whereas for youth members it’s around $5. School groups and DAM members can avail some great discount on early reservations. All tickets include an audio guide, which is available in two versions – family and adult. You can hear it in Spanish and English as well as Spanish.

 Make sure you reach on time. For instance, if the entry ticket is for 11.00am, you will be able to enter between 11.00 to 11.15 am. Those who are looking for cheaper tickets, try booking early and online. This way you can also avoid the long queues.

An average visit is supposed to last for 90 minutes, but there definitely will be those who will like to stay longer. So, it’s totally up to you whether you want to leave early or want to leave. The show is going to cover around 20,000 square feet of the gallery, which means there is a lot of walking to do. So, wear something comfy like flat shoes.

Weekday morning can be expected to be crowded because of school group visits. So, if you are planning an easy entry, book a ticket for after midday. Try avoiding weekends and holidays to keep away from the rush. Check if there are late hours on Friday as it will be the best time to visit then. So, book your ticket in advance and get ready to visit the master-pieces buy Monet. The exhibition is definitely going to take you a step closer to nature.

After finishing the show in Denver, the Claude Monet: the truth of nature will be shifted to the Barberini in Potsdam. Which means you can again catch up with the master-pieces during spring 2020 in Germany.

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