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Istanbul’s Kadıköy Neighbourhood: 5 Places that Succumb to the Charm

Adventurous, creative and eclectic Istanbul citizens are once again finding their way to the sleepy Asian side with many lively cafes, bars, shops, eateries and galleries. You’ve this exclusive chance to book flights from Riyadh to Istanbul when staying near one of the most prominent historical sights of Sultanahmet.

The central Kadıköy districts are hub of all this charming activities that features an area worth wandering with its laidback tree-lined streets, densely packed bazars and eye-candy walls boasting artistic works of the Mural Istanbul with a few bearing politically tinged graffiti. If you’ve finally decided to book flights from Riyadh to Istanbul, here’re a few places to begin the journey;

  1. The Kadıköy Pazari

The place is known best for its vibrant and amazing display of fresh fruits and vegetables, rich dried peppers and hotel-like husks hanging on the stalls. The Kadıköy Produce Market is a sensational feast with fishmongers calling and chanting on catch of the day. You even have the chance to try a variety of dry fruits, olives, pickle juices and freshly extracted honey right off-the-comb.

For absolute charm of delectable Turkish cuisine and eyeing the crowd as it passes by, head to Ciya Sofrasi or perhaps something basic for a starter’s meal like lahmacun and pide (flatbread with vegetable or meat topping).

2. Ultimate Caffeine Shot at the Montag Coffee Roasters

When you book flights from Riyadh to Istanbul, it’s a chance to try the best coffee in the world. While all those mobile-accessory shops lined through the streets may be enticing, they lead towards some of the most promising cafes such as the Montag Coffee Roasters.

Here, you’ll get a treat of siphon-poured coffee with espressos and cappuccinos; let’s not forget the traditional Turkish special coffee. The environment itself is cosy that immediately succumbs to the pure Turkish charm whereas the café oversee a bustling square centred on the Kadıköy landmark; none other than a miniature crocodile statue.

3. Art &Community at ArtHere

ArtHere may look conventional with paintings on the walls, long shared worktables with books and periodicals. For a true admirer, it’s more than meets the eye especially when digging deep in intriguing history. ArtHere was founded by a Syrian artists working alongside their Turkish and foreign counterparts. Once every month, ArtHere hosts a movie night, artist talk, musical performance or maybe workshop organised exclusively for diverse audience.

4. Gourmet & fast-food twist at Basta

The unexpected meeting of two young chefs opposite to the Basta Street Food Bar was a start of something remarkable in culinary industry. They met for the first time while working together at a fine-dining restaurant in France now operate the wonderful durum; a classic Turkish fast-food spot.

Don’t misjudge it as typical meat rolled in flatbread thin wrap; instead you’ll find creative combination of homemade “chorizo” lamb-meat sausage with hummus filled inside out with tantalising sauces. It’s served with salad that’s different from the common tomato-cucumber-onion combination.

5. Tribute to Barış Manço Evi – The great Turkish rock star

The luminary of Anatolian rock genre known for mixing traditional instruments with psychedelic music in the 1960s and 70s; none other than the late singer and songwriter BarışMançois everyone’s beloved in all Turkey.

In his tribute, the state government also named an Istanbul ferry that you can even ride and may involve in exclusive travel package when you book flights from Riyadh to Istanbul.

There’s a museum housed with collections of his family album, personal inspirations, recordings, paintings, flamboyant stage costumes and gifts from fans all around the world.


Explore Istanbul like never before and dig deeper into the ultimate Turkish charm by visiting the places listed above.

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